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Gregory Nemirovsky. SonGs in the Key of Odd.

This is the second "named" album by Gregory Nemirovsky and it, unlike "Mirages", was no longer recorded by him alone. As the title promises, the album has turned out quite strange but in a good sense. This is the strangeness that can only be afforded by good, versatile musicians otherwise, originality may easily turn into farce, showing off. This did not happen here one virtually feels with one's skin in what a thin, delicate way all of that is compiled. Nemirovsky balances interlacing harmonies, which sometimes resemble elusiveness of Sylvestrov's silence colored with the twilight shine of Er.J.Orchestra although the result of that is, of course, something third offering a very individual drive. I was lucky to hear this program both on the disc, and in concert, so I can say with confidence: the magic is there in the both cases. Special, elusive, and colorful somewhere at the intersection of the actual language of jazz, modern academicism, and the deep intuitive feeling by the musicians of the folklore language.. However, it is not about definitions. In this music, one can breathe even when at a long dive its weightlessness is sometimes just mesmerizing.

Gregori Nemirovsky - trumpet, flugelhorn, mellophone, Zink /medieval cornette/ (1), Fender Rhodes (2)
Olesya Zdorovetska - voice (4)
Kostyantyn Ionenko - bass
Rustem Bari - percussions
Olexander Beregovsky - percussions
Alex Fantaev - drums
Arcadia String Orchestra (6)

Publisher: author
Year: 2014

Fresh and hot! Stefan Fischer sings old German songs. Arranged and orchestrated by Gregory Nemirovsky. Let's have another drink or two

Gregory Nemirovsky trumpet, flugelhorn, medieval cornet, keyboard

Publisher: Karavan CD
Year: 2009

1. Dance for little princess
2. Spirit of a tree
3. Mirages
4. Big City
5. Labirynth
6. Road
7. Epithaphie
Total playing time: 42:25

"The Unicorn Live" & "The best of lives"

Publisher: Karavan CD
Year: 2009

(CD+DVD album)

Disk one
1. DAWN improvisation (Er.J.Orchestra)
2. AyO VALLEY (A.Alexandrov-A.Pozdin)
3. TOWARDS A DREAM (Oakman-A.Alexandrov-G.Nemirovsky)
4. CASTLE OF ELVES (A.Pozdin-A.Alexandrov)
5. JASPER GARDEN (Er.J.Orchestra)
6. TEA CEREMONY (A.Pozdin-A.Alexandrov-Oakman)
7. CAVE OF DELUSION improvisation (Er.J.Orchestra)
8. KNIGHTMARE (G.Nemirovsky-Oakman)
9. PIGRIMS (A.Pozdin)
10. ON THE HILL AGAIN (Oakman)

Disk two
3. PILGRIMS (A.Pozdin)
Blissful Island
The Third Angel
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The copyright in this recording is owned by Er.J.Orchestra.
All Rights Reserved
(c)2002-2006 ER J ORCHESTRA
(p) 2006 Caravan Records, Kiev, Ukraine

Gregory Nemirovsky & Alexander Beregovsky

Gregory Nemirovsky: trumpet, melodica, Rhodes-piano, Yamaha-Grand-piano.
Alexander Beregovsky: drums, percussion, congas
Soundengineer: Igor Prima
Recorded at "Ukraine radio station", Real Time, 27.07.2002
Coverart, photos, manufactured by Herbert Weisrock

Gregory Nemirovsky, Alexander Beregovsky
(c) 2005 by dachboden-records CD 027, >>>
Schwerin Herbert Weisrock >>>
whith authorization by Gregory Nemirovsky & Alexander Beregovsky

Gregory Nemirovsky
"LIVE + digital"
Cafe Ulrike

Gregory Nemirovsky
(c) 2005 by dachboden-records CD 026, >>>
Schwerin Herbert Weisrock >>>
Amadeus Konzert whith authorization by Gregory Nemirovsky

The Unicorn


1. Adular's Wondering
2. The Unicorn

       a) Magic Woods
       b) Madrigal
       c) The Battle-hunt
       d) The Coming-home Pastoral
       e) Dance with the Unicorn
3. Eljzao
4. Where Do The Angels Go?..

Alexei Alexandrov - piano, recorders, prepared piano, percussion
Viktor Krisko - violin, viola
Gregory Nemirovsky - trumpet, flugelhorn, mellophone, zink (medieval cornet), clarino, melodica, piano, prepared piano, keyboards
Valery Koshman - 12 str. acoustic guitar, Roland VG 8 guitar system
Andrei Chuguevets - acoustic guitar
Vladimir Sorochenko - bass guitar
Alexander Beregovsky - percussion, drums,darabuka, hand drum
Oleg Dr. Kobtsev - vocal, drums, udu, spring drum, rainstick, percussion
Arkadiy Vikhorev - glasharmonika

Special guests:
Arkady Shilkloper - waldborn, didjeridu
Narket Ramazanov - saxophone, flute
Andrei Pushkarev - vibraphone, marimba, kettledrums, glockenspiel
Konstantin Strelchenko - bayan
Alexei Kabanov - gusli, ntbab, dulcimer, filar, sanlur, sitar, ethnic fluts, china lo, china bells
Helena Sumarokova - cello
YongYa - koto
Max Gladetsky - acoustic bass
Chamber orchestra The Elfian Scale (Jurij Stepin, Maxim Bakeev, Aljena Nikitina, Helena Sumarokova)
Ethnic choir Shepberds

Music compositions (c) 2004 Alexei Alexandrov
Arrangement (c) 2004 Er.J.Orchestra. (p) 2004 Er.J.Orchestra
Orchestration by Chamber orchestra (c) 2004 Gregory Nemirovsky
Russian prose (c) 2004 Alexei Alexandrov
Translation (c) 2004 Irina Goncharova
Recording, mix and mastering (p) Arkadiy Vikhorev
Photo and design (c) 2004 Alexander Dirdovsky
Technical design work by Nikolai Nedzelskij
Recorded by ArkadiA Studio, March 2003 - February 2004, Kiev, Ukraine
Edition by 44Records.
General produser Eric Aigner
Produced by Alexei Alexandrov

"Jazz and new age from Ukraine"
15. Clouds (Sergey Volynchuk)
Sergey Volynchuk - guitar
Gregory Nemirovsky - flugelhorn, keyboards
Vladimir Sorochenko - bass
Alexandeer Beregovsky - percussion

Compiled by Alexey Kogan & Victor Ovchinnikov
Produced by Alexey Kogan & Victor Ovchinnikov
(c)&(p) 2004 LEMMA

Ann Luchihina - vocal;
Dmitrij Voronin - guitar;
Sergej Krasheninnikov - piano, el.piano;
Alexander Storozhik - bass-guitar;
Sergej Popov - drums

Special guests:
Gregory Nemirovsky - trumpet;
Vladimir Molotkov - guitar (track 6,7)
Andrej Arnautov - bass (track 4)
Alexander Shnaider - bass
Vladimir Fyodorov - drums, percussions (track 3,8)
Nikolaj Evpak - tenor-sax
Helen Ponomarenko - back-vocal (track 5)

Vladimir Solyanik & friends

"Vladimir Solyanik & friends", 2003.
Gregory Nemirovsky (trumpet), Vladimir Solyanik (keyboard), Andrew Valentine(Arnautow) (bass), Alexander Beregovsky (percussion)
(track 2, 3, 8)

Koktebel 2003 Koktebel 2003

Koktebel, 2003.
(c) Yamaha-Jazz-Club.

On the Hill Again

On the Hill Again
(p)2002 ArkadiA, Sky Line Travel Agency
(c)2002 Er.J.Orchestra

Castle Of Elves (Pozdin, Alexandrov)
Jasper Garden (Alexandrov, Krisko, Kabanov, Nemirovsky, Oakman)
Tea Ceremony (Pozdin, Alexandrov)
Cave Of Delusion (Er.J.Orchestra)
Knightmare (Nemirovsky, Oakman)
Pilgrims (Pozdin, Alexandrov)
On The Hill Again (Oakman)

Alexei Alexandrov - recorders, piano, metallophone, light percussion
Anjei Pozdin - acoustic guitar, voice
Gregory Nemirovsky - clarine, mellophone, flugelhorn, medieval cornet, trumpet
Viktor Krisko - violin, viola
Valery Koshman - guitar processor Roland VG8
Andrei Chuguyevets - acoustic guitar, domra, bayan
Alexander Umrilov - acoustic guitar
Alexei Kabanov - wheel lyre, gusli
Alexander Blinov - vibraphone, glockenspiel
Vladimir Sorochenko - bass
Dr.Kobtsev - percussion, voice
Oakman - drums, percussion, vocal, acoustic guitar

Live and studio recording by Arkady Vikhorev
Mix and mastering by Arkady Vikhorev, Studio ArkadiA, 2001-2002 Kiev, Ukraine
Produced by Alexandrov, Oakman, Vikhorev